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Ebony Smith

Digital Creator & Owner

Hey Hey! Welcome! My name is Ebony and I am a creative designer who turns her anxiety into a beautiful masterpiece.

I use my creativity to create digital art and surface pattern designs that I use for a variety of different products such as stationery, stickers, apparel, accessories, and more! Which you can all find here on my website.

I also offer digital downloads so that you can print my designs at home.I have always been creative and loved making things, but it wasn't until I started dealing with my anxiety that I really began to explore my creativity in a new way. Creating art and designs has become a form of self-expression for me and it's a wonderful way to channel my anxiety into something positive.

For me, creativity is freedom from anxiety and I hope to share that freedom with others through my work. I strive to create beautiful and unique pieces that can make people happy and bring a little bit of joy into their lives.Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me, and I hope you enjoy my work!

MY DESIGN Approach

Designing with a Purpose is what sets Purposely Kreative Design Studio apart from the bunch. To me, design means taking something ordinary and making it unforgettable and exciting. Be it journals, notebooks, stickers, apparel, or home decor— I design every detail to inspire my customers, spark meaningful conversations, help them express themselves, and spark joy.  

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