Thank You 2020

Thank You 2020

I am ending 2020 with gratitude and a positive vibe. I know it was a rough and crazy year but I feel some great thing came out of this chaos.

Being able to work from home has been a blessing for me and my family. I am able to be there more for my kids, help out more with homework, and spend more quality time with my family. No long commute, rushing home to cook dinner and hang out before bedtime.

I was also able to focus on launching my creative business. Something that I have been wanting to do for a while but self-doubt is a monster. I thought that my designs weren’t good enough or that I’m not a graphic designer. Oh boy was I wrong! lol It feels amazing to hear all the great feedback from my customers when they receive their products.

I learned the importance of self-care. Before 2020 I never really took time out for myself but if I don’t stop to take a break I’m no good to my family. My anxiety attacks also woke me up to that as well. Listening to my body when it says “Sis, you need to slow down, take a time out, and relax.” For years my husband had been telling me to take time for myself but never did till this year.

Joined TikTok…. I know it’s an app for teens but I learned a lot there. Also got a lot of laughs. Learned some Cricut hacks, Procreate tips, got some motivation to keep going within my business, and so much more.

Overall, despite the COVID and the lockdown, I had a good year. 

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